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Pot & Plants Set 4 (3 Clay Cutters)

Pot & Plants Set 4 (3 Clay Cutters)

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Sprout a fresh look with our Pots + Plants cutters! 🌵🪴
Dive into a botanical bonanza and let your creativity bloom with this fun new drop. Mix and match our quirky pots with a variety of lush plants for an endless garden of earring possibilities. Perfect for green thumbs and style enthusiasts alike, it's time to plant the seeds of your next dazzling project. Let's get growing!

Sizing (WxH):
Pot: 16mm x 14mm
Plant 1: 20mm x 17mm 
Plant 2: 25mm x 31mm 

Click Here to see our cheat sheet to see how all the pots and plants fit together! 

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