Our Story

Claylab makes custom clay cutters in a teeny tiny home studio in Brunswick East, Melbourne.

Our philosophy is simple: make nice things, and make them good.

What started as a lockdown hobby quickly became something much more, and thus Claylab was born. A deeply personal project built by lovebirds and best friends Nick and Jason, Claylab is all about helping others create.

We believe that attention to detail and a strong community leads to better and happier creators. We want to empower the creator community with an ever-growing set of tools and inspiration to make their artistic dreams come true, one clay cutter at a time.

With our collective creative backgrounds—Nick is a designer, and Jason is a photographer and writer—we think (hope!) we know a thing or two about making stuff look good.

We wouldn’t be anything without the wonderful creators supporting us. Thank you to each and every one of you. We love you, and can’t wait to see what you make next!


For a self-described Lazy Louise, Nick always seems to be rushing around working on something. Whether it’s a DIY project, learning a new skill, or taking something apart to see how it works, he’s always surrounded by some kind of mess that Jason will inevitably have to tidy up.

Likes: Working with his hands, mid-afternoon naps, Bob’s Burgers.

Dislikes: Warm weather, small talk in elevators, fast walkers

If you were a Claylab cutter, which would you be and why? The four leaf clover, because it’s cute and tiny.


Jason is all about productivity and taking notes. His favourite days involve classical music turned all the way down and a task list that never ends. He loves to spend his spare time writing fiction, playing with the dogs, and looking for the next fantasy tv series to binge.

Likes: Reading, chihuahuas, red wine mixed with Pepsi Max.

Dislikes: Tomato, leaving the house, slow walkers.

If you were a Claylab cutter, which would you be and why? The cardinal… they just looks like they get shit done.

Louie + Roman

The undisputed stars of the family, Louie and Roman are the world’s most adorable and not-at-all-annoying chihuahuas. Polar opposites in personality, but equally as tiny as each other, they love to work each other up into a frenzy before forgetting why they were excited in the first place. Louie is as anxious as he is beautiful, and an absolute sweetheart beneath the grumpy exterior. Roman is… interesting looking, and lives for cuddles and snuggles.

Likes: Treats, running in the park, curling up on a laptop keyboard.

Dislikes: Loud noises, quiet noises, people with prams.

If you were a Claylab cutter, which would you be and why? Bark bark!