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Drop 2 - Animal Stud Clay Cutters Set (6 cutters) (Save 10%)

Drop 2 - Animal Stud Clay Cutters Set (6 cutters) (Save 10%)

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This pack includes all 6 stud sized animal cutters from drop 2. This pack does not include the standard sized cutters, or the rest of the critter cutters. Please refer to the image to see what is included.

For sizing of each cutter, please refer to each animals individual listing. But as a general approximate they are all roughly 15mm at the longest point.

Unleash the beast of creativity with these stylised animal cutters! From adorable otters to grumpy cats, we've got a whole zoo of cute critters ready for your next earring extravaganza. With standard and stud sizes, you can let these critters jump, crawl, and fly into your designs 🐰🦦 Snag these little buddies and let’s make jewellery making pawsitively awesome. Who knew crafting could be this wild? 🐾🤘

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