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Alphabet Stamp Set Snap Card

Alphabet Stamp Set Snap Card

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Letter Size

Have the power of language at your fingertips (literally) with our Alpha Set! This collection of alphabet stamps is perfect for giving your creations that personalised touch. Craft personalised messages, spell out unique names, or add a touch of text to your clay art with ease. Don't forget to pair with our Badge cutters for an even more versatile crafting experience!

Size options:
Small stamp letters are ~5.5mm height.
Micro stamp letters are ~3.5mm height.

Also check the gallery for a handy size guide!

What’s a snap card?
Snap Cards are a fun new Claylab design made to give you a nostalgic feeling of snapping out your new tools on arrival! Unlike other Claylab snap card sets, the Alpha sets must be printed with the snap card due to design restrictions and to ensure that no letters are missed in the packing process. If you’d like us to pre-snap these so they arrive as individual letters, please leave a note in your cart. All Alpha sets also include a small storage pouch for safe keeping. (Please note that as the snap card is designed to be very easy to snap apart, some letters may snap from the frame during shipping.)

What the heck is a Pokey Pal?
Each Alpha Set comes with a free Pokey Pal. The Pokey Pal is a tool designed specifically for use with our Alpha Stamps. We’ve designed the stamps with a teeny tiny base to give you more visibility and accuracy while stamping, so the Pokey Pal gives you additional accessibility to hold the stamp while working. Just pop the desired stamp on the end of your Pal and craft away!

Have some letters that you know you'll use over and over? Grab some additional Pokey Pals and leave your letters attached for ease of use! Click here to add more Pokey Pals to your cart!

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