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All 8 Fish Clay Cutters

All 8 Fish Clay Cutters

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1 x Fancy Tail with Scales [46mm x 28mm]
1 x Fancy Tail without Scales [46mm x 28mm]
1 x Fan Tail with Scales [39mm x 35mm]
1 x Fan Tail without Scales [39mm x 35mm]
1 x Flow Tail Left with Scales [44mm x 30mm]
1 x Flow Tail Left without Scales [44mm x 30mm]
1 x Flow Tail Right with Scales [44mm x 30mm]
1 x Flow Tail Right without Scales [44mm x 30mm]

Take your earring game to new depths with our intricate new goldfish cutters! From delicate tail swirls to gorgeous patterned scales, every aspect has been thoughtfully crafted to give you a perfect base for your creativity. Grab your faves and make a splash with your new designs!

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