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Pyramid Link Starter Clay Cutter

Refer to the table in the description for sizing.
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Clay Cutout Sizing
Width: ~15mm
Height: ~30mm
Inner Cutout Sizing
Width (All sizes): ~4.5mm
Standard Height: 20mm
Petit Height: 14mm
Starter Height: 10mm

We recommend a clay thickness of 2.5mm or less in order to link these together. Any thicker and you might not have the desirable "dangle" effect, and the earrings might become too heavy for the wearer.
Add some magic to your jewellery-making game with these versatile link cutters! Crafted specifically to create stunning link earrings, these cutters feature unique shapes that allow you to mix and match with ease. Give yourself a boost with chic and sophisticated link designs that will take your jewellery collection to the next level!


Click the accordion below to see steps on how to link your clay.

When baking your clay the second time, try placing the clay in a bowl cornstarch to support the pieces while they bake.

If you don't feel confident with the guide below, there are heaps of videos on youtube showing different techniques. Just search "polymer clay links tutorial."

Happy making!

How to link your clay


Our Process

Hand-designed and printed in our home studio in Brunswick East, Melbourne. These cutters are designed for clay makers and crafters. They are 3D printed using PLA (a biodegradable and biocompatible plastic made from renewable resources).

Usage guidelines

For best results, work and cut your polymer clay on a ceramic or glass tile.

For cutters with embossing details:
The embossed elements work best on clay that has been rolled out to 3-4mm thick.

We recommend using corn flour/baby powder on cutters to stop the clay from sticking to the cutter. Place cutters on polymer clay and press with firm and even pressure. Once the cutter has reached your working surface, gently jiggle the cutter while pressing down to ensure that the clay has separated completely. Remove cutter from the top edges.

For uneven designs, gently lift the bigger side first and slowly angle up until your cutter is completely off the clay.

Due to the nature of 3D printing, some tiny bumps may be present on the cutters where the filaments join. The marks of the bumps are very light and can be easily removed from the clay before or after curing.

Product Care

PLA softens at high-temperatures, so avoid exposing to direct sunlight, and avoid high temperatures like boiling or very hot water. These cutters are not dishwasher or oven safe. 

To clean your cutters, wash them gently under soapy lukewarm water. To remove any clay stuck in narrow edges, use a toothpick, X-acto knife, or toothbrush. 
Do not stress product beyond intended use. Do not apply horizontal pressure.

Product Photography

Please note product photos are rendered images and should be considered as an accurate representation of the items shape only.

Actual products are 3D printed with either an FDM filament printer or SLA resin printer and will have layer lines and potentially small imperfections or artefacts left by the printing process.

Items are quality checked and any deemed of unacceptable are removed from stock and put into misprints packs.