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All 6 Long Half Flip Clay Cutter Pack (SAVE 12%)

All 6 Long Half Flip Clay Cutter Pack (SAVE 12%)

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This pack includes all 6 'Long Half Flip' cutters. Please refer to the cutters individual listings for measurements if needed. (Can be found in the Flips collection)

Get ready to flip your jewellery-making game on its head with our new Flips collection! Grab a shape or two, flip 'em around, and voila! You've got a unique and eye-catching design. From bubbly to geometric arches, the combinations are endless. So go ahead, let your creativity flip and flow with Claylab Flips!

Love the shapes but don't want to flip them? We've got you! Try our versatile "Full Flip" shapes instead, which can be used as they are or cut and combined for your own custom unique flip design.

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